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ISSN  :   0309-7846 ( Print )   TBD

Aim & Scope
The Hydrographic Journal is an established and highly regarded refereed journal of record and comment. It comprises authoritative techincal papers and articles by acknowledged experts on all aspects of hydrography and related sciences. The Journal is published in English. Approximately 2000 copies of each edition of the Journal are printed and ditributed in approximately 70 countries, although the actual readership greatly exceeds the circulation figure via corporate, governmental, academic and library subscriptions. Individual readership comprises senior representatives of national survey organisations and contract companies; port authorities; government, military and public service authorities; hydrocarbon exploration and production companies; research and educational institutions; professional bodies and societies; engineering concerns, post and telecommunications organisations; acoustic and electromagnetic instrumentation manufacturers and users; oceanographic and land survey instrument manufacturers and users; dredging and salvage contractors, and surveyors in all fields of private and public practice. [1]

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