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Human–Wildlife Interactions (HWI) is the only scientific journal dedicated specifically to publishing manuscripts that report research, management case studies, and policy perspectives designed to enhance the professional management of human–wildlife conflicts. Today, many rural and urban environments are inhabited by larger populations of wildlife than were present a century ago. As human populations have also increased, so has the potential for human–wildlife conflicts. Human–wildlife conflicts may range from direct economic losses caused by wildlife to crops and landscapes, human health and welfare concerns, and land-use regulatory conflicts that may result when declining wildlife species are provided increased government protection. If wildlife management is to grow as a profession, managers must increasingly seek to mitigate these human–wildlife conflicts. In doing so, wildlife managers will create new forums to engage the widest range of stakeholders in conservation. To assist in this transition, wildlife managers will need better information about how and why human–wildlife conflicts occur. Increased understanding of the magnitude and type of damage occurring, the techniques to manage challenges posed by locally overabundant or rare wildlife populations, and the communication and outreach strategies that can be implemented will increase the capacity of stakeholders to develop viable solutions. HWI is dedicated to providing wildlife managers and all stakeholders with this information. [1]

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