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The term “interprofessional” has replaced the older terms “multidisciplinary” and “interdisciplinary” as the byword for care given to the patient and family in 2011 and beyond. Both the new and old terms simply denote that care is rendered by multiple health care providers in a systemized, organized and coordinated fashion. With the growing and aging global population, home health care is in greater demand than ever, but in some countries more than others. HHCMP provides insight into this care as the journal compares and contrasts how different cultures view and practice health care at home. Home Health Care Management & Practice (HHCMP) began in 1988 when interest in home care was fledgling. With rising healthcare expenditures, this interest is renewed and broad based. To this end, HHCMP provides a forum for writing about this care in a peer-reviewed journal. Original articles, review articles, case reports, commentaries, opinions, editorials, ongoing series and the like are the format of HHCMP which is designed for physicians, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, psychologists, pastoral counselors, home care administrators, and any other specialty area that touches the patient. In a broader sense, social scientists, policy makers, regulators and geriatricians find HHCMP both stimulating and educational. [1]

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(  1988  -  1995  ) Journal of Home Health Care Practice (JHHCP)    (  1996  -  9999  ) Home Health Care Management and Practice (HHCMP)
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