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Aim & Scope
The goal of Herpetology Notes (HN) is to offer a publishing venue for those wishing to publish herpetological minutiae quickly and make their work easily accessible to a wide readership. The Editorial Team consists of an Editor-in-Chief, three Managing Editors, and many Associate Editors, with suitable specializations, in an attempt to make publication in HN fast, straightforward, and author-friendly. We believe that HN is best placed to serve in the publication of natural history notes, range extensions, or other short observations relevant to the field of herpetology, which might otherwise remain unpublished, hidden in larger papers, or relegated to the "grey" literature (such as governmental reports or society newsletters). HN is global in scope, and we welcome contributions from anyone interested in herpetology. It is our aim to rapidly publish short papers (< ten printed pages), in order to assemble a database of herpetological knowledge on a broad spectrum of topics, including especially the natural history and distribution of amphibians and reptiles. Descriptive papers on the morphology or genetic variability (e.g., DNA barcoding) and marker development (e.g., microsatellite loci) are also appreciated. Papers including taxonomic decisions (e.g., descriptions of new species) are not accepted. [1]

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