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Aim & Scope
"Heat Treatment of Metals" was founded in 1958, being in the charge of China Machinery Industry Federation, and jointly hosted by Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology, Chinese Heat Treatment Society and China Heat Treatment Association. "Heat Treatment of Metals" takes "disseminate the advanced heat treatment science and technology" as a purpose, aims to build an exquisite journal of heat treatment, insists on facing the scientific research, production, market and readers, and have been favourably reviewed by readers from all walks of life with its continuously enriching content. "Heat Treatment of Metals" is not only a comprehensive technical publication which comprehensive report the progress of heat treatment subject and advanced technology, but also an important window to show the technology and equipment level of our heat treatment industry and technological progress in enterprises, and it has not only a wide range of visibility in the heat treatment industry, but also a great influence in the field of machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, automobiles, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, and so on. [1]

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2021 - VOLUME 46, ISSUE 6