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Heat Transfer-Asian Research has been known, since 1972, for publishing English translations of theoretical and experimental papers drawn from all important journals in Japan, China, and Korea. In 2009 the journal expanded its scope and began accepting original papers from all parts of Asia, including India and Middle East Asia. The volume of new online submissions has continued to grow and accelerate throughout 2010 and 2011, consequently in 2012 we will no longer accept any new submissions based on translations. Heat Transfer-Asian Research is an enabler of information exchange among mechanical, chemical, biomedical, nuclear and aeronautical engineers, students and researchers concerned with heat transfer, thermal power and fluid dynamics. Its focus is on the most recent original experimental and analytical Asian research in the heat transfer arena. The journal deals with the entire field of heat and mass transfer and pertinent areas of fluid dynamics. Subjects include: convective, conductive, and radiative heat transfer; heat transfer enhancement; measurement of thermophysical properties; thermal component and system design and optimization; mathematical modeling; non-Newtonian fluids; heat transfer in emerging technologies such as Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), micro-channels, fuel cell, bio- and nano-technology, biomedical engineering, tissue engineering, and bioheat transfer; multiphase heat transfer including condensation, boiling, air-conditioning, porous media, ice formation, and melting. The journal was initially co-sponsored by the Society of Chemical Engineers of Japan and the Heat Transfer Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. [1]

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(  1972  -  1998  ) Heat Transfer - Japanese Research    (  1999  -  2020  ) Heat Transfer - Asian Research
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