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Aim & Scope
Journal of Addiction & Addictive Disorders is an international peer reviewed online open access journal with the ISSN: 2578-7276, which provides a platform for researchers and practitioners throughout the world to promote, share, and examine different new issues and advancements in addiction. Repeated exposure of addiction stimulus drives a person mentally unstable despite adverse consequences. In order to treat the unresolved addiction stimuli, researchers are trying their best to discover new tools to control their addiction that helps transforming the life of an addict. Along with these new discoveries, effective, individualized care and treatment endows a lifelong recovery from all the sufferings of addiction. This journal will be at the forefront to publish unparalleled knowledge on addiction that vanguards the treatment of trauma and addiction. The addiction journal encompasses clinical, epidemiological, human experimental, historical research and policy relating to any activity that has addictive potential and critical care articles offering original contributions of interest to both the academic and practicing emergency physician. It shed lights on how the forte is being practiced in different countries that will not only improve education, yet furthermore empower evidence-based improvement in prognosis and further research. The vast arena of the Journal includes but not limited to: Drug Sensitization; Drug Withdrawal; Addictive Drugs; Addictive Behavior; Behavioral Addiction; Cannabinoid Addiction; Nicotine Addiction; Opioid Addiction; Psychostimulant Addiction; Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome; Drug Rehabilitation; Pharmacological Addictions; Pathological Gambling; Compulsive Gambling; Problem Gambling; Addiction Recovery; Cocaine Addiction; Morphine Addiction; Heroin Addiction; Opioid Crisis; Addictive Drugs; Substance Addiction; Non-substance Addiction; Alcohol; Marijuana; Hallucinogens; Cocaine; Amphetamines; Opiates; Anabolic steroids; Inhalants; Methamphetamine; Tobacco; Cannabis Use; Co-occurring Disorders; Process Addictions; Drug Addiction; Internet Addiction; Sex Addiction; Kleptomania; Pyromania; Smoking. [1]

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