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Future Science OA is an online, open access, peer-reviewed title from the Future Science Group. The journal's broad coverage includes all areas of biotechnology and medicine, as well as topics in biological, life and physical sciences that are of relevance to human health. The journal embraces the importance of publishing all good-quality research with the potential to further the progress of medical science. All original research articles will be considered that are within the journal's scope, and have been conducted with scientific rigour and research integrity. The journal also features review articles, editorials and perspectives, providing readers with a leading source of commentary and analysis. [1]

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Actinopolyspora Biskrensis

2022 - VOLUME 2022, ISSUE 3
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Retracted: Exploring the microbiome and mindfulness connection.

K Beri

Future Science OA
2020 - VOLUME 6, ISSUE 8 p FSO593.
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Notice of Retraction

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Future Science OA
2020 - VOLUME 6, ISSUE 8 p FSO636.
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Elisabeth M Bik

2020 - VOLUME 2020, ISSUE 6
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