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Frontiers in Neuroengineering is a Specialty Journal of Frontiers in Neuroscience. Frontiers in Neuroengineering is a first-tier electronic journal devoted to promoting research integrating neuroengineering, nanotechnologies and neurosciences. Convergence between neurobiology and quantum-, nano- and micro-sciences is particularly emphasized as an extremely promising way toward substantial discoveries in brain research and as a technological foundation for future neuroprosthetics and brain-machine interfacing. This interdisciplinary approach that involves neuroengineering, modeling, nanotechnology, imaging, and the development of micromachining and other devices to solve important emerging problems in clinical neurosciences, opens great new challenges. We therefore invite original contributions on a wide range of topics that present the fruit of such interdisciplinary convergence or that provide stimuli for future alliances. We aim to provide an interactive forum for cutting-edge studies on the nervous system, on new materials and techniques for interfacing neurons with artificial devices, on novel molecular tools to probe the complexity of the brain at the system-, network-, cellular-, subcellular- and molecular level. We also aim to promulgate the best interdisciplinary research to the broader neuroscience community. Our goals include advancing the core technologies and materials as a foundation for future neuroprosthetics and artificial interfaces, while enhancing our understanding of the brain. Proposals dealing with reverse engineering network-level functions aimed at advancing our basic knowledge relevant for future neuroengineering strategies are welcome. Although experimental research is the primary focus of the journal, projects integrating theoretical and quantitative modeling approaches at all levels of complexity are also welcome. [1]

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