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Aim & Scope
Fly is the first international peer-reviewed journal to focus exclusively on Drosophila research. Fly publishes broadly three general types of papers: original research, methods and technical advances and reviews and meeting reports. Topics in Drosophila research include: cell biology, development, gene regulation, chromosome dynamics, behavior, evolution, population biology, neurobiology, molecular biology and biochemistry, genomics and anything else that we might have left out or might come along. We will distinguish Fly from other journals in two important ways: First, we plan to have regular features of specific interest to the Drosophila community. For example: What's new on Flybase? How do I get my hands on all of those new stocks for doing that new cool technique? Who are the new researchers in the Drosophila field and what are they doing? What really great Drosophila papers were published recently? What's happening in those fields of Drosophila research outside my own? Is it possible to get a grant to do Drosophila research these days? Second, we want the journal to be highly interactive. We plan to develop a lively Letters to the Editor section, where issues of interest to the Drosophila community can be discussed, and where researchers can ask questions (and get answers!) about new resources and about how to obtain materials, comment on recent papers, make suggestions for new features in Fly. [1]

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