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Aim & Scope
FNL is a strongly interdisciplinary journal with emphasis on both fundamental and applied scientific values. The name "Letter" mostly indicates the speed of publication, and not the limitation of length. There is an emphasis to publish new original ideas and results. The main areas of focus include: materials, nanostructure, biological and biomedical systems, electronic devices and systems and nonlinear system. The above listed areas are only some of the important examples, and FNL is interested in any interdisciplinary articles on random fluctuations. For example, noise enhanced phenomena including stochastic resonance; 1/f noice; shot noise; fluctuation-dissipation; ion channels; single molecules; neural systems; quantum fluctuations; quantum computation; classical and quantum information; statistical physics; degradation and aging phenomena; percolation systems; fluctuations in social systems; traffic; stockmarket; environment and climate; etc. [1]

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