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Aim & Scope
The Editors' decision to change the title of the long-established Soviet Studies, first published in 1949, followed the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991. It reflected the belief that as a result the countries of the former Soviet and East European area would gradually become more closely linked with both Europe and Asia, while continuing to present distinctive topics for research as a result of their specific experience. Soviet Studies was the principal academic journal in the world devoted to the political, economic and social affairs of what were once the Soviet bloc countries, including their history during the Soviet period. Europe-Asia Studies continues to focus on this body of research topics. At the same time, the new title is intended to reflect the way in which the transformation of these countries' political and economic systems is affecting their relationship with the rest of Europe, and the growing links between what was Soviet Central Asia and other countries in both Europe and Asia. [1]

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(  1949  -  1992  ) Soviet Studies    (  1993  -  9999  ) Europe-Asia Studies