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Ethnomusicology Forum , formerly known as the British Journal of Ethnomusicology, is the academic, refereed journal of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology. The journal seeks to provide a dynamic forum for the presentation of new thinking in the field of ethnomusicology, defined broadly as the study of "people making music", and encompasses the study of all music, including Western art music and popular music. Articles often emphasise first-hand, sustained engagement with people as music makers, taking the form of ethnographic writing following one or more periods of fieldwork. Typically, ethnographies aim for a broad assessment of the processes and contexts through and within which music is imagined, discussed and made. Ethnography may be synthesised with a variety of analytical, historical and other methodologies, often entering into dialogue with other disciplinary areas such as music psychology, music education, historical musicology, performance studies, critical theory, dance, folklore and linguistics. The field is therefore characterised by its breadth in theory and method, its interdisciplinary nature and its global perspective. Each volume comprises three issues: one focuses on a specific theme and is prepared by a guest editor; the others include a range of articles covering a broader field of interest. [1]

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