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Aim & Scope
Ethics, Policy & Environment offers scholarly articles, reviews, critical exchanges, and short reflections on all aspects of environmental ethics, environmental philosophy, and the normative dimensions of environmental policy. While Ethics, Policy & Environment centers on environmental ethics and policy, its substantive coverage is wider. Authors have been concerned with a range of subjects, such as applied environmental ethics, animal welfare, environmental justice, development ethics, sustainability, and cultural values relevant to environmental concerns. The journal also welcomes analyses of practical applications of environmental, energy technology, regional, and urban policies, as well as theoretically robust discussions of common arguments that appear throughout debates on environment and energy policy, either in the scholarly literature or in the broader civic sphere. Ethics, Policy & Environment is of particular relevance to a number of disciplines, including Philosophy, Environmental Studies, Public Policy, Political Science, Law, Ecology, Economics, Architecture, Geography, and Urban Planning. [1]

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(  1998  -  2010  ) Ethics, Place and Environment    (  2011  -  9999  ) Ethics, Policy and Environment