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Espace Géographique is a scientific review, discussion and reflection, dedicated to geography, which was founded in 1972. Quarterly (4 issues of 96 pages per year), it has tables and annual and five-year indexes, articles, notes, reports, illustrated or not. His articles are always accompanied by summaries and key words in French and English, sometimes in another language. Their adoption is decided by the drafting committee after evaluation by at least three rapporteurs. The opinions expressed in it are those of the signatory. Attentive to novelty, concerned with fundamental issues, L'Espace géographique is at the service of researchers, professors of higher and secondary education, students and all those interested in the development of territory and the environment. Editorial committee, network of correspondents, evaluators and authors are international, as well as the diffusion of the journal. [1]

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Active ( 1972  -  9999 ) Espace Géographique

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2013 - VOLUME 41, ISSUE 4