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Aim & Scope
Environmental & Socio-economic Studies is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing original research papers, review articles and scientific communications concerning the interactions between human activity and the environment in urban and industrial areas, and the functioning of society and nature, both in periods of urban growth and economic development, and in periods of the restructuring of the economy and the development of post-industrial space. The research attention is focused on cities, metropolitan areas and their associated suburban and rural areas, industrial and mining districts, and other areas under human impact. The journal presents the results of interdisciplinary research across the fields of physical geography, economic and human geography, the biology of organisms, ecology and nature conservation, environmental protection and natural resource management, geology, environmental engineering, environmental law and social sciences. Environmental & Socio-economic Studies publishes the results of research across a wide variety of interests in the following fields: Human impact on the environment; Biomarkers used in monitoring the environment; Urban ecology; Landscape and urban planning; Environmental protection and restoring nature; Environmental management; Reclamation of post-industrial and post-mining areas; Economic development; Urban growth, living conditions and social conflicts; Conflicts around the use of natural resources; Legal aspects of environmental protection and spatial planning; Sustainable development; Environmental education. [1]

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