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Aim & Scope
Energy Harvesting and Systems (EHS) publishes original research in the growing areas of energy harvesting materials, energy storage materials, conversion, and system design. Papers published with EHS cover any or all of the stages of energy harvesting systems. Topics: Energy harvesting materials and systems (e.g., piezoelectric, inductive, photovoltaic, electret, electrostatic, triboelectric, microwave and thermoelectric); Flexible harvesters and nanogenerators; Li-ion batteries, micro batteries and hybrid supercapacitors; Bio-inspired energy generation and conversion; Energy harvesting circuits and interface electronics; Wireless sensor networks powered by energy harvesting; Electrochemical storage systems; Wind and flow energy systems; Materials synthesis; Thin-film deposition; Energy conversion devices; Micro/nano electronics; Electrochemical storage systems; Sensor development; System design; Integrated hybrid architectures Computational and theoretical modeling and nanoscale fabrication techniques; Electronics, sensors, aircraft, medical, wireless communication, storage, textile, and materials ; Engineering; Engineering, other; Introductions and Overviews; Materials Sciences; Materials Sciences, other; Physics; Technical and Applied Physics. [1]

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