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Earth, Moon, and Planets: An International Journal of Solar System Science, publishes original contributions on subjects ranging from star and planet formation and the origin and evolution of the solar and extra-solar planetary systems, to asteroids, comets, meteoroids and near-Earth objects, including the terrestrial impact hazard and solar system - terrestrial relationships, and related topics. Coverage is concerned with the physical and chemical properties of the material constitution of these bodies, including chaotic behavior. The journal also publishes special issues on topics of relevance and conference proceedings, review articles on problems of current interest, and book reviews. The editor welcomes proposals from guest editors for special thematic issues. Commonly used title abbreviations: Earth Moon Planets, EM&P, EMP. [1]

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(  1978  -  1983  ) Moon and the Planets    (  1984  -  9999  ) Earth, Moon, and Planets
2023 - VOLUME 127, ISSUE 2
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