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dialectica publishes first-rate articles predominantly in theoretical and systematic philosophy. It is edited in Switzerland and has a focus on analytical philosophy undertaken on the continent. Continuing the work of its founding members, dialectica seeks a better understanding of the mutual support between science and philosophy that both disciplines need and enjoy in their common search for understanding. dialectica practices double-blind refereeing, and follows the Guidelines for the Handling of Manuscripts by the Editors of Philosophy Journals of the Association of Philosophy Journal Editors. Authors are encouraged to submit short articles and discussion notes to the Notes and Discussions section, in particular of articles published in dialectica. Keywords: dialectica, Analytical Philosophy, Logic, continental philosophy, analytical, european philosophy, science and philosophy, theoretical philosophy, systematic philosophy, journal article, periodical, review, philosophy [1]

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2023 - VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1
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Magnetic Refrigeration: An Environment-friendly Cooling Technology

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Dialectica , 2023 - VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 , pp 1-4.

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