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Aim & Scope
The Daily is Statistics Canada's official release bulletin, the Agency's first line of communication with the media and the public. The Daily issues news releases on current social and economic conditions and announces new products. It provides a comprehensive one-stop overview of new information available from Statistics Canada. The Daily is released at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time each working day with the exception of data from the Labour Force Survey and the Consumer Price Index, which are available at 7 a.m. The Daily has been published since 1932, and posted on the Web since June 1995. Given that Ministers' comments on information released by Statistics Canada can have repercussions on financial markets, it has been deemed essential that a few key federal officials have advance access to a small number of economic statistics on the afternoon before their release. [1]

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(  1971  -  1985  ) Statistics Canada Daily    (  1985  -  9999  ) Daily (Statistics Canada)