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Sound and reproducible laboratory methods are the foundation of scientific discovery. Yet, all too often, nuances that are critical for an experiment’s success are not captured in the primary literature but exist only as part of a lab’s oral tradition. The aim of each Current Protocols title is to provide the clearest, most detailed and reliable step-by-step instructions for all protocols relevant to a given subject area. Written by experts in the field and extensively edited to our exacting standards, the protocols include all of the information necessary to complete an experiment in the laboratory—introduction, materials lists with supplier information, detailed step-by-step procedures with helpful annotations, recipes for reagents and solutions, illustrative figures and information-packed tables. Each article also provides invaluable discussions of background information, applications of the methods, important assumptions, key parameters, time considerations, and tips to help avoid common pitfalls and troubleshoot experiments. Furthermore, Current Protocols content is thoughtfully organized by topic for optimal usage and to maximize contextual knowledge. Quarterly issues allow Current Protocols in Protein Science to constantly evolve to keep pace with the newest discoveries and developments. Current Protocols in Protein Science is the comprehensive resource for the experimental investigation of protein structure and function. Current Protocols in Protein Science brings together hundreds of core and cutting edge techniques in all aspects of protein science. Current Protocols in Protein Science also includes valuable appendices, providing basic methodologies such as molecular biology techniques, cell culture methods, and biophysical data analysis. Topics include: Strategies of Protein Purification and Characterization; Computational Analysis; Detection and Assay Methods; Extraction, Stabilization, and Concentration; Production of Recombinant Proteins; Purification of Recombinant Proteins; Characterization of Recombinant Proteins; Conventional Chromatographic Separations; Affinity Purification; Electrophoresis; Chemical Analysis; Post-Translational Modification: Glycosylation; Post-Translational Modification: Phosphorylation and Phosphatases; Post-Translational Modification: Specialized Applications; Chemical Modification of Proteins; Mass Spectrometry; Structural Biology; Preparation and Handling of Peptides; Identification of Protein Interactions; Quantitation of Protein Interactions; Peptidases; Gel-Based Proteome Analysis; Non-Gel-Based Proteome Analysis; Targeted Proteomics; Proteome Bioinformatics; Protein Engineering; Protein Arrays; Protein Folding; Membrane Proteins; Intracellular Studies. The target audience for Current Protocols in Protein Science includes anyone interested in conducting research on protein structure and function. Sufficient detail is provided to permit duplication of the protocols in any laboratory, whatever the disciplinary background and level of sophistication. [1]

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