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Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health is a new journal that is part of the "Current Opinion" titles. It will invite top experts to write short reviews on current advances in their field. The subject of this new journal includes all the different aspects of Environment and Health under the following themes sections: Environmental Pollution; Environmental Health; Environmental Toxicology; Environmental Chemistry; Environmental Monitoring and Assessment; Environmental Impact Assessment; Occupational safety and health; Woman and Child's Environmental Health. Each theme helps to identify, understand and solve environmental problems and is not mutually exclusive. Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health aims to explore the multifactorial aspects governing the environment-health interactions. It encompasses a variety of research areas ranging from engineering to epidemiology, and emphasises the interdisciplinary nature of the environment-health continuum research. Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health aims to stimulate scientifically grounded, interdisciplinary, multi-scale debate and exchange of ideas. It will contain polished, concise and timely review and synthesis papers of approximately 2000 words and 50 references. Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health also intends to serve as an invaluable source of information for researchers, lecturers, teachers, professionals, policy makers, and students. [1]

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