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Aim & Scope
Critical Reviews in Neurobiology presents up-to-date information from pertinent neurobiological disciplines with relevance to basic neuroscience, clinical neurobiology, and psychiatric considerations. Developmental neurobiology and the neurobiology of the aging are included. The journal integrates wide-ranging, often contradictory literature in a focused manner. Articles satisfy the needs of basic neuroscience researchers, as well as allowing clinicians to keep abreast of the scientific basis of neurology and allied medical areas. The Journal provides a means of placing basic science information into clinical perspective, speaking directly to the issues that have become prominent during the past decade. Critical Reviews in Neurobiology provides focus by reviewing significant contributions from a wide range of disciplines in the context of their impact on important clinical problems. [1]

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(  1984  -  1987  ) Critical Reviews in Clinical Neurobiology    (  1987  -  2008  ) Critical Reviews in Neurobiology
2008 - VOLUME 20, ISSUES 1-3