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Aim & Scope
Published five times a year, each issue of Creditor Reporting System provides statistical data on individual aid commitments going to a particular region of the world (Africa, Asia, Latin American and the Caribbean, Europe and Oceania, and CEEC/NIS) during the last time period for which data is available. For each commitment, information is provided on the sector (agriculture, education, health, etc.) to which the aid is going, the donor country/organisation/agency providing the aid, the type of flow (grant, loan, etc), the amount of the commitment in US dollars, a description of the project, the grant element percentage, and whether or not the commitment incorporates elements relating to gender equity, environment, or participatory development/good governance. This publication, and the database behind it, are the best available source of information on where aid is flowing relative to very specific sectors and purposes. From time to time special issues are published providing data for all regions on a specific topic such as AIDS. [1]

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