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Cosmic Research publishes scientific papers covering all subjects of space science and technology, including the following: ballistics, flight dynamics of the Earth's artificial satellites and automatic interplanetary stations; problems of transatmospheric descent; design and structure of spacecraft and scientific research instrumentation; life support systems and radiation safety of manned spacecrafts; exploration of the Earth from space; exploration of near space; exploration of the Sun, planets, secondary planets, and interplanetary medium; exploration of stars, nebulae, interstellar medium, galaxies, and quasars from spacecrafts; and various astrophysical problems related to space exploration. A chronicle of scientific events and other notices concerning the main topics of the Journal is also presented. [1]

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(  1960  -  1964  ) Artificial Earth Satellites (USSR)    (  1963  -  9999  ) Cosmic Research
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Active ( 1963  -  9999 ) Kosmicheskie Issledovanii︠a︡.

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