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Aim & Scope
Corporate Philanthropy Report is the monthly newsletter that covers the latest trends and best practices in corporate and foundation giving and provides grantmakers and nonprofits the tools they need to maximize the impact of charitable efforts. Each issue includes a Spotlight section, which is designed to give corporate grantmakers the latest news on what other companies are doing—or not doing—in the philanthropy sector and also provide nonprofits insight into what corporations are funding and why. Highlighting innovative giving programs and successful charitable initiatives that align with core businesses, the Spotlight section offers readers the applicable techniques corporate grantmakers are using to produce measurable positive results in financial investment as well as public good will. New sources of funding, overall trends in charitable giving, best-practices in philanthropy, effective methods nonprofits use to stand out in a crowd of competitors—Corporate Philanthropy Report delivers the essential news that grantmakers and grant applicants can use to create and support more effective and encompassing charitable programs. Every issue also delivers up-to-date regulatory/policy news, such as changes in IRS Form 990, and updates on other regulatory provisions affecting the charitable sector. With concerns for corporate accountability and effective nonprofit management greater than ever, Corporate Philanthropy Report is the one tool that addresses the crucial issues of effective donor investment and tangible results for corporate giver and nonprofit alike. [1]

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