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Aim & Scope
The past two decades have witnessed renewed concern about infectious diseases for reasons such as the emergence of new pathogens and the development of antimicrobial resistance, but also global traveling and increasing migration. This book series is devoted to the study of infective agents and the diseases they cause. Covering the fields of bacteriology, virology, mycology and parasitology, individual volumes present data from experimental and clinical investigations and discuss recent therapeutic and methodological advances. Special emphasis is given to emerging pathogens, new research approaches, and epidemiology. Infective agents relevant to veterinary medicine are also considered. The contributions include original articles and invited reviews by authors who are acknowledged experts in their fields. Offering well-edited and stimulating material, books in this series are appreciated by a broad spectrum of readers, from research scientists to physicians. [1]

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(  1985  -  1992  ) Concepts in Immunopathology    (  1998  -  2011  ) Contributions to Microbiology
(  1973  -  1995  ) Contributions to Microbiology and Immunology    (  1998  -  2011  ) Contributions to Microbiology