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Aim & Scope
CME is published under the auspices of the South African Medical Association. The journal is a unique resource for South African general practitioners, publishing comprehensive and authoritative articles on specialist topics each month. Each edition has a specific topic area. The editorial is provided by a specialist guest editor who commissions articles from other specialists in the field. The topic areas cover all medical specialities in a way which is relevant to GPs. As well as the specialist articles, CME provides monthly updates on HIV and AIDS topics, abstracts and case reports from the literature and news from the market place. Pharmaceutical industry information on new product launches, new packaging or new indications is provided in Pulse, as well as Pharminfo and Medifile. Review articles are also carried from time to time. Each edition carries an article on the best of the Web in the specific topic area, as well as a section containing medical humour titled 'Not to be taken too seriously'. [1]

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(  1983  -  1988  ) CME : South Africa's Continuing Medical Education Monthly    (  1989  -  2013  ) Continuing Medical Education (South Africa)
(  1989  -  2013  ) Continuing Medical Education (South Africa)    (  1985  -  9999  ) SAMJ : South African Medical Journal

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