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Aim & Scope
Community, work and family are interconnected and central to everybody's life. The links between community, work and family have generated widespread interdisciplinary interest, which this journal will draw together with a focus on theory, research, policy and practice. The Journal will provide a forum for social scientists and practitioners to share experiences and ideas and debate current issues and controversies. The aims of Community, Work & Family are: to publish theoretical, research-based, policy and practical contributions in the growing area of community, work and family and their interface to provide an international forum for debate in the field and reflect the range of approaches to community, work and family in different contexts, by encouraging contributions from academics and practitioners from around the world to foster the development of theory, research, policy and practice to highlight the experiences of those members of communities, organisations and families whose voices are seldom heard to encourage critical examination of existing frameworks and practices to promote research which employs methods with the potential to lead to social action The Distinctive Nature of the Journal Recognises the contested nature of community, work and family Highlights the perspectives of multiple stakeholders in communities, work organisations and families Explores dimensions of social and organisational change Includes voices which are often not heard and are ëhiddení Emphases research and practice Targets academics and professionals and is interdisciplinary within the social sciences Reports research using diverse methods and with implications for policy and practice Encourages new ways of thinking about diversity and equality Promotes international debate and collaboration Legitimises reflexivity in research in practice. [1]

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