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The Chicago-Kent Law Review began as the “Chicago Kent Review” in 1923. Published several times a year, the Chicago Kent Review was to be, as Judge Henry Horner wrote in 1923, “a messenger . . . to carry the note of fraternity among the students and alumni of Chicago-Kent.” By the 1930s, the journal had adopted its current name and began publishing scholarly articles by law professors and practitioners. The Chicago-Kent Law Review has published well over three hundred issues featuring original works by important scholars in the field of law and beyond. A number of years ago, the Law Review adopted an all-symposium format. The Law Review emphasizes developing its members’ scholarly legal writing through a comprehensive, one-year writing program. Each issue of the Law Review showcases several of the best student works. In 2008, the Law Review adopted a paperless editing procedure. Starting with Volume 85, all editing conforms to this procedure, which utilizes computers, scanners and PDF software in place of paper and copiers. This innovative procedure allows Law Review members to work more efficiently while reducing our environmental footprint. In addition, all sources cited in our articles are saved to our network drive, allowing the Law Review to stand behind its articles and to back up any claims made in the journal indefinitely. The Law Review is still available in print; for more information please see the subscriptions tab. Specific articles are also available free of charge through our online archive. [1]

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