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Aim & Scope
The Cell Surface is a highly multidisciplinary journal focused on aspects of the cell wall across all relevant disciplines, in the major groups of organisms that have cell walls: Bacteria; Plants; Algae; Oomycetes; Fungi; Unicellular parasites. The journal accepts articles on aspects of the properties of plasma membranes in the specific context of the synthesis or organization of extracellular materials. Its scope includes high-quality research about the polymers that compose the walls or extracellular matrices of these diverse cell types. The Cell Surface aims to bring together different communities to advance the knowledge of the cell surface, and specifically explores the interfaces between these disciplines. We publish articles dealing with basic and applied biology on the mechanisms of: biosynthesis and degradation; regulation; structure and function; genetics; biochemistry; physico-chemistry; mechanical properties; and physiology of these extracellular polymers and polymer networks, including systems and synthetic biology approaches. Articles on medical, immunological, ecological, evolutionary or biotechnological, drug/vaccine discovery aspects of the properties of cell walls, extracellular cell surface and matrix components are welcome, including articles that describe important technological and methodological platforms. [1]

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2023 - VOLUME 9