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BONE has an unsurpassed reputation for excellence. The Journal is an interdisciplinary forum for the rapid publication of original, experimental or clinical studies, and review articles dealing with both normal and pathological processes which occur in bone or in other tissues affecting bone metabolism. Well-documented case reports are also featured. Particular attention is placed on the application of experimental studies to clinical practice. Areas of specific interest are: BONE: Cell and molecular biology of bone cells and cartilage cells; cellular basis of normal and disordered bone development and remodeling; Histology, static and dynamic histiomorphometry at the light and electron microscopic levels; organ and cell culture systems as in vitro models for studies of bone and bone disease; response of normal and diseased bone to trauma and stress; response of bone to therapeutic agents; physical studies of calcium and bone; radiology of bone; the metabolism of bone matrix and mineral; mechanisms of normal and disordered calcification; studies of non-mammalian calcifying systems with a clear relevance to normal or pathological processes in human bone. Endocrinology: Osteoporosis, biochemistry and physiology related to calcium, phosphorus, and bone metabolism. Mineral homeostatis, renal osteodystrophy, chronic acid/base disorders, vitamin D action and metabolism, sex hormones, menopause.Gastrointestinal Tract: Biochemistry and physiology of normal and disordered mineral absorption, vitamin D action, and metabolism. We've moved. See our new site at: . Now offering full-text online for IBMS members! Visit for more information about the International Bone and Mineral Society. [1]

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(  1986  -  1994  ) Bone and Mineral    (  1985  -  9999  ) Bone
(  1978  -  1984  ) Metabolic Bone Disease and Related Research    (  1985  -  9999  ) Bone
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