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BioMetals is the only established journal to feature the important role of metal ions in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, environmental science, and medicine. BioMetals is an international, multidisciplinary journal singularly devoted to the rapid publication of the fundamental advances of both basic and applied research in this field. BioMetals offers a forum for innovative research and clinical results on the structure and function of: metal ions metal chelates, siderophores, metal-containing proteins biominerals in all biosystems. BioMetals rapidly publishes original articles and reviews. BioMetals is a journal for metals researchers who practice in medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, microbiology, cell biology, chemistry, and plant physiology who are based academic, industrial and government laboratories. [1]

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(  1988  -  1991  ) Biology of Metals    (  1992  -  9999  ) Biometals
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Zinc and selenium status in coronavirus disease 2019

L Fan , Y Cui , Z Liu , ... , Q Xue

Biometals , 2023

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