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Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy is one of the few journals at the forefront of fundamental and technical science, biological and medical disciplines, therapeutics and pathological description. Original, analytical studies together with synthetic and critical articles are accepted for publication. The objective of Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy is: - to create an interface between clinical and laboratory responses to drugs and to investigate critical approaches to different pathologies with regard to biological and clinical data, - to provide a niche for authors whose work is not directly defined by the criteria of existing journals.Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy publishes original articles, reviews, preliminary communications, letters to the editor, notes on recently published papers and dossiers (AIDS, diabetes, physical factors of disease, obesity, cardiology, cancer, endorphins, human genetics, neurogenetical diseases, Alzheimer's disease, etc.) which fall within the general scope of basic and clinical medicine and pharmacology. General fields of interest include molecular and cell biology, genetic disease, immunology and immunoregulation and chemotheraphy. Special emphasis is placed on studies of specific topics such as drugs on cell structural and functional elements, the mechanism of gene regulation in normal and pathological cells, the role of viruses and parasites in animals and humans and the therapy of diseases they include. Brief reports of meetings, symposia and conferences will also be considered for publication as well as announcements of scientific meetings or academic courses of interest to the readers. [1]

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(  1973  -  1981  ) Biomedicine Express    (  1982  -  9999  ) Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy
(  1973  -  1981  ) Biomedicine (France)    (  1982  -  9999  ) Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy
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Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy
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