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Aim & Scope
Biochimie Open is a new online open access journal for author-financed manuscripts in all areas of biochemical, molecular and structural life sciences. Articles on Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Toxicology, Molecular Pharmacology and Chemical Biology are also welcome. Sound scientific and technical quality is assured by peer review, and the acceptance of articles for publication is based on these qualities rather than editors' or referees' estimates of likely future impact. Data that are exciting though more preliminary than those acceptable to many traditional journals will be considered for publication if the editors feel that they are likely to stimulate future research. Biochimie Open offers authors the widest possible forum for their work, which is made freely available to all readers in all countries. Acceptance by Biochimie Open may help authors satisfy the requirements of funding agencies for open access publication. Accepted articles appear online within one week, and authors retain copyright over their published work. Biochimie Open welcomes direct submission from authors seeking open access publishing. In addition, articles first submitted to Biochimie, the traditional subscription journal of the SFBBM may, if appropriate and with the agreement of the authors, be transferred for consideration by Biochimie Open, without the need for resubmission. [1]

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