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Aim & Scope
Established in 2003, the Australasian Journal of Logic is a fully refereed, freely available electronic journal covering all areas of research in logic. We aim to be a repository of timely, original and significant research in pure logic, and logic as it is applied in mathematics, computer science, linguistics and philosophy. The AJL aims to cover all areas of pure and applied logic. This means that we solicit manuscripts in the central areas of logic (including, but not restricted to, the proof theory and model theory of particular logical systems), but also their application to related fields, such as mathematics (e.g. set theory, the model theory of particular mathematical theories, the lambda calculus, etc.), computer science (e.g. the formal analysis of computability and computation, formal semantics of programs and functions, etc.), linguistics (e.g. theories of types applied to grammars, formal models for syntactic and semantic structures, etc.) and philosophy (e.g. formal treatments of theories of meaning, truth and reference; the paradoxes of self-reference and vagueness; discussions of the significance and interpretation of formal theories; etc.). We aim to publish original, timely and significant research in these areas, with an eye to furthering communication and cooperation among logicians of diverse backgrounds. [1]

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