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The mission of Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research (AAAR) is to advance understanding of cold region environments by publishing original scientific research from past, present and future high-latitude and mountain regions. Rapid environmental change occurring in cold regions today highlights the global importance of this research. AAAR publishes peer-reviewed interdisciplinary papers including short communications, regular papers, and review articles. Many of these papers synthesize a variety of disciplines including ecology, climatology, geomorphology, glaciology, hydrology, paleoceanography, biogeochemistry, and social science. Papers may be uni- or multidisciplinary but should have interdisciplinary appeal. Special thematic issues and proceedings are encouraged. The journal receives contributions from a diverse group of international authors from academia, government agencies, and land managers. In addition the journal publishes opinion pieces, book reviews and in memoria. AAAR is associated with the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) the oldest active research institute at the University of Colorado Boulder. [1]

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(  1969  -  1998  ) Arctic and Alpine Research    (  1999  -  9999  ) Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research
2022 - VOLUME 54, ISSUE 1
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How fast is sea level rising?

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Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research , 2022 - VOLUME 54, ISSUE 1 , pp 123-124.

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