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Aim & Scope
Applied GIS is an online peer-reviewed ejournal that publishes articles covering specific applications of GIS, demonstrating the deployment of spatial sciences in a wide range of environmental and social science contexts. Applied GIS papers often contain user-defined maps in full colour, and tend to exemplify the kind of decision support for land and infra-structural facility management that takes into account geocodes in corporate databases. The GIS papers published respect the pace of adoption of information-age handling methods, especially in reference to spatial data. Applied GIS welcomes image-rich articles that would be too expensive to publish in print. And if images are supplied in MrSID format (in addition to a standard jpg or gif format), users are able to zoom in on an image repeatedly without losing image quality. Therefore, research that depends on detailed imagery and coloured maps to support its arguments can now be presented in its proper context to the world. [1]

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