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L’Antiquité Classique is a journal of international audience and value, published by an Belgian interuniversitary society which associates the main Belgian Universities : Brussels, Ghent, Liège and Louvain. The journal covers the whole field of classical studies, from the Helladic Period to Late Antiquity and Reception. Topics as Greek and Latin literature, patristic studies, linguistic and philology, philosophy, religious studies, science and technology, epigraphy and papyrology, numismatic, Greek and Roman history, classical archaeology, gender studies and cultural reception are regularly proposed. Since 1932, L’Antiquité Classique is one of the established journals in this field. It has been published annually without interruption by the academic Belgian institutions and universities with the support of the FRS-FNRS and  the Fondation Universitaire and is available in october of each year. [1]

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(  1897  -  1930  ) Bulletin Bibliographique et Pédagogique du Musée Belge    (  1932  -  9999  ) Antiquité Classique
1978 - VOLUME 47
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R Joly

Antiquité Classique , 1978 - VOLUME 47 , pp 528-537.

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