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The American Criminal Law Review is the nation's premier journal of criminal law. The ACLR is the most-cited criminal law review in the nation, and it also ranks among the country's 30 most-cited law reviews of any kind. Recently, ExpressO, an online submission service for legal scholars, ranked the ACLR as the top subject-specific law review in the area of Criminal Law and Procedure. Published four times a year, the ACLR provides timely treatment of significant developments in constitutional and criminal law through articles contributed by leading scholars and practitioners, and through notes authored by the journal's student staff. The ACLR's signature publication is its Annual Survey of White Collar Crime, a comprehensive guide to yearly developments in the intricate field of white collar crime. The Annual Survey is widely recognized as the definitive reference work in its field and is published as the ACLR's spring issue each year. The ACLR is published by the students of the Georgetown University Law Center. To learn more about the ACLR, including how to subscribe or how to submit an article for consideration, please choose from any of the links on this screen. [1]

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(  1963  -  1970  ) American Criminal Law Quarterly    (  1971  -  9999  ) American Criminal Law Review
2000 - VOLUME 37, ISSUE 3
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DNA databases: when fear goes too far.

RS Peterson

American Criminal Law Review , 2000 - VOLUME 37, ISSUE 3 , pp 1219-1238.

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