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Aim & Scope
Állattani Közlemények / Zoological Announcements is one of the most exquisite journals of the Royal Hungarian Society of Natural Sciences and later the Hungarian Biological Society: it started more than 100 years ago in 1902. If we browse through the articles of the volumes, not only the domestic scientific life, but all our history comes to life in the background, with two world wars, a number of political system changes, famous and brilliant minds, or just forgotten side tracks. The magazine witnesses painful, struggling, yet successful, centuries-old ascents and ascents. Successful because Zoological Announcements, the only scientific journal devoted entirely to Hungarian zoology, has survived all the difficulties of the circumstances, and in its appearance, content and editing, it proclaims the validity of its intention to create it. The Zoological Announcements (along with smaller or larger ups and downs) were always in the fortunate position that they could choose from the performers of the Zoological Division, which would be present on a monthly basis, with their materials. This scientific body, founded in 1891, is now at its thousandth performance, and it seems to be becoming more and more popular among young people these days. The purpose of Zoological Announcements is still the same as 100 years ago; to deliver the results of the Hungarian zoological practitioners to the Reader in a comprehensible and beautiful Hungarian scientific language; at the same time, to establish and maintain openness to each other among the minds who, through their research, are studying the animals that are in our land, but which are now forced to share with us (Méhely 1902). [1]

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