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Aim & Scope
Advances in Structural Engineering is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to provide a major publication channel for cutting-edge research on civil engineering structures (e.g. bridges, buildings and offshore platforms) in areas of significant current interest to the international structural engineering community. The current focus areas of the journal, which are periodically reviewed by the editors, are as follows: (a) Structural use of composite and other emerging materials; (b) Behavior of structural systems; (c) Structures under extreme conditions (e.g. earthquakes, strong winds, fires and blasts etc.); (d) Performance-based structural engineering; (e) Life-cycle structural engineering; (f) Structural health monitoring for performance assessment; and (g) Sustainability in structural engineering. Notwithstanding these focus areas, papers of significant impact or lasting value in other areas of structural engineering are also welcome. Acceptance of a paper for publication in the journal is subjected to the manuscript being an unpublished work presenting a significant original contribution or an in-depth state-of-the-art review of a specific topic of significant current interest to the journal’s readership. Apart from full-length papers, short technical notes, discussions, and book reviews may also be published. [1]

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