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Aim & Scope
Our journal "Adult Education and Development", which we have published since 1973, is intended to provide adult educators and writers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific with a forum for dialogue and professional exchange. Contacts are also growing with colleagues in the countries in transition in Central, Southeast and Eastern Europe, with the consequence that the journal is expanding to accommodate new topics and points of view. The journal aims, firstly, to deepen understanding in industrialized countries of the current and potential importance of adult education in countries in other continents and, secondly, to enable readers in developing countries to reflect on their practice in the light of worldwide developments, and to learn from the experiences and ideas of others. The journal now probably enjoys the widest international distribution of any specialist publication concerned with issues of adult education and development. Ninety per cent of subscribers live in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Since the readership is very mixed, we like articles to be easily readable and preferably to address problems and issues drawn from everyday practice. [1]

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