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Aim & Scope
Adoption Quarterly is an unparalleled forum for examining the issues of child care, the relationships between nature and nurture, and the psychological and social meanings of the word family. This international, multidisciplinary journal features conceptual and empirical work, commentaries, and book reviews from the fields of the social sciences, humanities, biological sciences, law, and social policy. In addition to examining ethical, biological, financial, social and psychological adoption issues, Adoption Quarterly addresses continuity in adoption issues that are important to both practitioners and researchers, such as: the intermediary task of matching adoptee, prospective adoptive parents and--most recently--birth parents, the adoptive parent's task of telling their adoptee of his/her adoption, the reality of loss as experienced differently by the individual members of the adoptive triad and the possibility of bonding on the basis of "shared fate", adoption as a premier paradigm for studying the interactions of nature, nurture, and the lifelong development of the adoptee, adoptee adjustment (now viewed in a life-span perspective), adjustment issues for birth and adoptive parents. Adoption Quarterly also explores: the ideology of adoptive kinship, adoption as an institution, infertility solutions and reproductive technologies, future trends for adoption - and much more! The complexity modern adoption issues is daunting and challenging, but also extraordinarily exciting. The place to follow this excitement is Adoption Quarterly! [1]

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