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Aim & Scope
ACS Chemical Neuroscience publishes high-quality research articles and reviews that showcase chemical, quantitative biological, biophysical and bioengineering approaches to the understanding of the nervous system and to the development of new treatments for neurological disorders. Research in the journal focuses on aspects of chemical neurobiology and bio-neurochemistry such as the following: Neurotransmitters and receptors; Neuropharmaceuticals and therapeutics; Neural development—Plasticity, and degeneration; Chemical, physical, and computational methods in neuroscience; Neuronal diseases—basis, detection, and treatment; Mechanism of aging, learning, memory and behavior; Pain and sensory processing; Neurotoxins; Neuroscience-inspired bioengineering; Development of methods in chemical neurobiology; Neuroimaging agents and technologies; Animal models for central nervous system diseases; Behavioral research. [1]

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